2410753-xb1mod1The majority of gamers have full use of their limbs, but there are also those who are disabled which does not make them any less pro than most of us. Ben Heck knows that and has created controllers for the Xbox 360 in the past catered towards gamers with disabilities, and it looks like the master console modern is back with a new mod, this time in the form of the Xbox One’s controller which is catered towards gamers who might have lost their left hand and only have their right hand to game with. Well about those who lost their right hand? Well according to Heck, the right handed mod is currently the most popular request, although we’re not sure if Heck plans on making a left handed version later.

In any case element14 has teased the upcoming episode of The Ben Heck Show which airs this Friday with a couple of images that shows off the mod. Both the front and back of the Xbox One controller has been modified for gamers to play with one hand. The controller, made from Newark products, shows the left trigger is placed on the back next to the battery (as pictured above), as well as introducing a spiked thumbstick that tells gamers which is up, down, left, or right. The controller will be donated to the Able Gamers Foundation which is a charity aimed at making video games more accessible to gamers with disabilities. We’re not too sure how this might work so we guess we will have to wait until Friday to get a better idea!

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