gooodyear-suvDo you ever wonder just how important the four tires on your car or vehicle is? The amount of contact that it comes with on the asphalt is phenomenally small in comparison to the rest of the vehicle, and yet it would be all four tires that ensure you remain stuck on the road even when you are barreling down the freeway with your foot on the accelerator. Goodyear, a name that has been connected to tires for the longest time, unveiled its latest concept tire which was specially designed for SUVs at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. The whole point of this particular tire was to improve SUV efficiency without having to sacrifice any kind of capability or performance. The result? A conceptual tire that sports a pair of distinct rings.

First of all, there is the outer ring that comprises of approximately two thirds of the track width, and will have a slightly wider diameter compared to the inner ring. Apart from that, it will also come with a primarily slick surface with cut-ins that will help move water as well as prevent hydroplaning. Not only that, there will be various textured surfaces which will also enhance road grip. This particular outer ring would come into contact with the road whenever your ride is on smooth pavement.

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