So just last week Valve released the DotA 2 documentary entitled “Free To Play”. For those who missed it, it’s still available on YouTube (see video above) and like its title, it is free to watch. If you’re wondering what the documentary is about, it basically follows three of the top DotA 2 players from around the world.

It documents their struggles in life and the resistance they are faced with when choosing gaming as a professional career, and also some background on them and how they managed to get so good. It also covers a DotA 2 tournament which at that time gave out the most money: $1.6 million in total.

Well given how popular the game is, which we guess is also evidenced by the amount of prize money given away, it is unsurprising that the documentary is just as popular and according to Valve, the video has managed to rack up over 5.5 million views during the film’s opening weekend.

Apparently this is one of the largest debuts of any documentary film. The video has since gone on to hold a 9.3 rating on IMDBf2p which we have to say is pretty impressive. While the film is free to watch, Valve is also offering a Competitor’s Pack which is basically a bunch of downloadable items for DotA 2 in which some of the proceeds will go towards those who participated in the film.

So did anyone manage to catch the documentary, and what did you guys think of it?

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