Dota 2 Championship Winners Took Home $15 Million In Prize Money

The next time you catch yourself telling your kids to not play so much video games, you might want to rethink that. Why? Because Valve’s The International Dota 2 championship has just ended, where the winning team, OG, took home prize money amounting to an eye-watering $15,603,133.

Steam’s New AI Tool Makes Game Recommendations Smarter

A lot of how recommendation systems work is based on things you’ve interacted with in the past. For example, if you’re browsing cameras on Amazon, chances are the next time you visit, you’ll start seeing recommendations for cameras or camera accessories. However, Valve is hoping to improve on its recommendation system by using AI.

Valve’s Gabe Newell Kind Of Hinted At The Possibility Of Half-Life 3

Valve’s Half-Life 3 is kind of like the unicorn of video games at the moment. This is because at this point in time, no one knows for sure if the company ever plans on releasing the title. However, if you’re one of the many gamers who have been hoping for good news, recent comments made by Valve’s Gabe Newell has renewed our hope for the game.

Valve Launches Another Dota Spin-Off In ‘Underlords’

It has been a long time since Valve released a brand new IP, and if you were hoping for that to happen, you might be in for a wait. However, it seems that in the meantime, the company is looking to leverage its existing IP by announcing the launch of a new game based on the Dota franchise called “Underlords”.


Valve Brings Its Steam Chat App To Mobile Devices

It goes without saying that Steam is one of the more widely-used game distribution platforms at the moment, and as such, there are many users who rely on its service to not only play games, but to keep in touch with their friends as well. For those who want to stay in touch with their Steam friends on the go, you’re in luck.

Valve’s Steam Link App Is Now Available For iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Last year, Valve announced the Steam Link app for mobile devices. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the Steam Link app basically allows gamers to play their Steam games on their mobile devices. This works by streaming games from your computer onto your smartphone or tablet.

Valve Debunks Fake Left 4 Dead 3 Teaser Video

It has been about 10 years since the last Left 4 Dead game was released. We’re sure many are looking forward to its potential sequel and while we have no idea if the game is in the works, a recent teaser video seemed to suggest that Valve could have something to announce in the near future.

Epic Has No Plans To Stop Selling Rocket League On Steam

Recently it was revealed that Epic would be acquiring Psyonix Games, which in the process also means that the company would own games like Rocket League. In the post on the Rocket League website, Epic announced that they would eventually be bringing Rocket League over to the Epic Games store and kind of left it at that.

One Year Later, Valve Is Finally Replacing Its Ugly Dota 2 Statue With A New One

Last year, Valve sent out one of the reward items to players who contributed to The International’s prize pool. The reward in question was a Baby Roshan statue. The initial renders and concept showed that the statue would be highly detailed, but what players got was a sad excuse for a reward and definitely not worth the money they had invested.

How To Uninstall Steam Games

If you’re running low on disk space or simply want to uninstall games from Steam that you haven’t played in a while, here’s how you do it.

Valve Index High-End VR Headset Teased

Valve wants to compete in the virtual reality headset market as well and as such, the company has now teased the upcoming announcement of its high-end VR headset named Index. The company has put up a teaser of the headset on its website. “Upgrade your experience,” the accompanying text says on the website, with May 2019 as the provided date. This suggests that it won’t be long until the company […]

Dota Pro Circuit App Lets Gamers Predict Matches And Get Rewarded

Do you fancy yourself being a Dota 2 expert? Do you think that you are able to predict how a match plays out before it ends? If you think that’s you, then you might be interested to learn that Valve has recently launched a new Dota app in the form of the Dota Pro Circuit app where it lets players make predictions in matches and be rewarded if they make […]

Valve Releases New ‘Mars’ Hero For Dota 2

If you’re getting a bit bored/tired of the current hero lineup in Valve’s Dota 2, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Valve has since announced a new hero that will be added to the game in the form of Mars, the god of war and first son of heaven. The character should already be live and playable in the game so it could be worth checking out if you […]

Valve Could Be Considering Acquiring Dota Auto Chess

While Valve makes their own games, some of the company’s more famous and popular games are actually mods based on games which they then acquired and turned it into their own thing. Some examples include Counter-Strike, which was a mod created in Half-Life, then there is also Team Fortress which was a Quake mod, and DotA 2 which was a mod made in Warcraft 3.