3dprinted-heartWhen it comes to 3D printing, it does seem as though the possibilities might be endless, considering how technology in this segment has moved so fast, so much so that we might be making some headway into printing out human organs that could be used to replace failing organs down the road, hence doing away with the long waiting list for organ donors. Right now, scientists are looking at the possibility of using 3D printer in order to build a human heart – that will work, of course.

This ambitious project intends to deliver a new heart for a patient using their own cells prior to the transplant operation, but it does seem that it might take decades in order to achieve this particular situation. However, the technology required to do so might already be available in the here and now, as researchers have created splints, valves and even a human ear using 3D printers in the past.

The University of Louisville research team has printed out human heart valves and small veins with cells so far, where they hope to continue from here and construct some other parts using different methods. The finished article would then be known as the “bioficial heart”, which would be a miraculous blend of natural and artificial. Good luck guys, the world owes you big time if you managed to achieve this feat.

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