New iPhone 9, X Plus Dummy Units Reviewed On Video

Just last week dummy units of 2018’s iPhone X, 9 and X Plus models surfaced. Now thanks to new dummy units obtained by Sonny Dickson and reviewed by DetroitBORG on YouTube, we have a pretty good idea of what we can expect, and come Apple’s September iPhone event, it’s safe to say that probably won’t be any surprises.

Dubai Tourist Rents Lamborghini, Racks Up $47,000 In Speeding Fines

Dubai is known for many things and an abundance of supercars is one of them. It’s pretty easy to rent one in the emirate provided you have the money. A 25 year old British tourist did. He paid around $1,600 to rent a Lamborghini Huracan for two days but managed to rack up $47,000 in speeding fines in fewer than four hours.

Someone Swapped An Audi Engine With A Tesla Electric Motor

Engine swaps are nothing new for car enthusiasts but what’s certainly not common is for combustion engines to be swapped out for electric motors. That’s precisely what one daring enthusiast has done to his Audi. The V8 engine that this car came with was removed from the bay to make way for a Tesla motor which now powers this car.

Samsung Producing 4-Bit Consumer SSDs For Up to 4TB Drives

Samsung today announced that it has started mass production of the industry’s first 4-bit consumer SSD. Based on the 1-terabit V-NAND, Samsung says that this industry-first solid state drive will deliver outstanding performance that’s equivalent to the company’s 3-bit design. This brings a new level of efficiency to Samsung’s consumer SSDs.


Facebook Has Begun Testing Its Dating Feature

We have heard in the past rumors that Facebook could be looking to develop their own dating app/feature. Given how many users there are on its network, it would be easy to leverage those accounts right off the bat instead of having to convince users to sign up for a new account and service.

Chinese Man Tries To Save $3 By Washing Car In River, Fails

Dirty cars don’t look good which is why so many of us labor to wash our cars once or twice in the week. We opt to get our cars washed as well when they require more thorough cleaning from the professionals. Obviously, you’ll have to pay them for that but this Chinese man decided to save the $3 he would have spent on getting the car washed by trying to […]

New iPhone Phishing Scam Makes Calls To A Fake ‘Apple Care’

Phishing scams aren’t new and we doubt that they will ever go away. However given that we spend so much time on our mobile devices, it’s not surprising that we are starting to see more scams that are targeting our smartphones. In a report from ArsTechnica, it seems that the latest scam is targeting iPhone users.

Segway’s Next Invention Are A Pair Of Roller Shoes

Segway is a company that many might be familiar with as the company that created the personal transportation device, which has since been used in many a TV show and movie, such as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. However it seems that Segway has decided to make something a little more compact which comes in the form of the Drift W1.

Leica History: From 35mm Rangefinder Camera To Huawei P20 Pro Triple Lens  Editor's Pick

Huawei invited us to visit their partner Leica headquarters in Weltzar, Germany, to show us what the legendary camera maker is all about and to discuss how they managed their engineering collaboration to deliver the AI-powered triple-lens camera of the P20 Pro smartphone.

Amazon Will Now Let Gamers Finance Their PCs & Parts

It’s no secret that putting together a decent gaming PC can be expensive, and that parts that are designed for gaming can also command a premium over “regular” components. However the good news is that if you’re looking for a way to build a gaming PC without having to put too much money upfront, you’ll be pleased to learn that Amazon has your back.

Massive Airbus BelugaXL Plane Completes First Flight

The Beluga ST is a big cargo plane made by Airbus which the airplane manufacturer uses to transport materials to its facilities where it manufactures commercial airliners. It has been building the successor to the Beluga ST which has now completed its first flight. The BelugaXL has 30 percent more payload capacity than its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date, Specs, Features & News  Editor's Pick

Every year without fail, Samsung will release a new Galaxy S phone which is part of the company’s flagship lineup of smartphones. This year gave us the Galaxy S9, and next year we expect that there will be the Galaxy S10.However what makes next year’s phones more anticipated is the fact that they will be the 10th smartphone in the Galaxy S lineup which we reckon Samsung will want to […]

New McLaren 720S Owner Crashes It A Day After Buying It

 The first few days after buying a new car are very special for many of us. We don’t drive the new car in a rash manner and take extra care to ensure that we don’t scratch the shiny new paintwork. One can only imagine how it must feel totaling your brand new car just the day after you’ve bought it, particularly when it’s a McLaren 720S sports car worth […]

Windows Notepad App Being Updated After Many Years

Much has changed in Windows over the years but the company hasn’t really made any changes to its Windows Notepad app. Users have been asking for improvements and Microsoft has finally listened to their feedback. It has made changes to the Windows Notepad app for the first time in many years.