Marvel’s Unreleased 1994 Fantastic Four Movie Now On YouTube

Most of us are familiar with the Fantastic Four movie that was released back in 2005, and also the flop of a reboot that was released in 2015. However did you know that back in 1994 Marvel attempted to create a Fantastic Four movie that was never released? Well, it was never released until now, that is.

Woman Damages Precious Dali And Goya Artwork While Taking A Selfie

People tend to take unreasonable risks when trying to capture the perfect selfie. Sometimes they may not even be aware of their surroundings and this can lead to disastrous consequences. A young woman in Russia has found herself in hot water after her attempt to capture a selfie resulted in damage to precious works of art by Salvador Dali and Francisco Goya

Apple Reportedly Cancels Production Boost For iPhone XR

It was initially reported that the iPhone XR would be selling pretty well and early estimates have suggested that it might have even outpaced the iPhone 8 in terms of pre-orders. While that might be true, it seems that overall sales might not be as hot or in as high of a demand as Apple would have liked.

‘Dislikes’ Are Disappearing From Diablo Immortal’s YouTube Trailer

With Diablo being such a beloved gaming franchise, Blizzard was probably not anticipating that the Diablo Immortal’s announcement would be receiving all the backlash that it has. Now it seems that there is some controversy brewing as apparently the “dislikes” on the game’s trailer has been “disappearing”.


Diablo Immortal Met With Massive Backlash From Fans

During BlizzCon 2018 over the weekend, Blizzard officially announced Diablo Immortal. This is a mobile MMORPG that basically brings the hack and slash game onto our smartphones and tablets, and while it sounds really good in concept, the reaction that Blizzard faced when the game was unveiled was surprising.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Bar Glitch Makes You Rich In The Game

A glitch has been discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2, the game that’s breaking records for Rockstar. The glitch can be exploited to amass great wealth in the game. What it does is basically trick the game into thinking that the player hasn’t picked up a gold bar even as it gets added to their inventory over and over again.

iPhone X Gets Apple’s Processor Throttling Feature

Apple calls it a feature, one that it was recently fined millions of dollars in Italy for. The company acknowledged it as such after reports revealed that the company’s older handsets would throttle processors. Some felt Apple was doing this to push customers to upgrade to a newer model but it had a different explanation. This functionality has now been added to the iPhone X and other models from last […]

Microsoft Prototyping Xbox Controllers For Mobile Devices

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Project xCloud which is the company’s attempt at launching a video game streaming service. The theory is that since all the computing and most of the hard work is done remotely on servers, this means that technically all games can be played on all sorts of devices, including mobile.

New $150 Million Factory Will Have Robots Building Other Robots

Swiss engineering group ABB is one of the largest industrial robot makers in the country. It has announced plans for a new factory in China which will cost $150 million. It will be a modern plant equipped with sophisticated robots which will be used to manufacture other robots.

Huawei Throws Shade At Apple And Samsung For Slowing Down Phones

Apple and Samsung were recently fined millions of dollars by the consumer watchdog in Italy over claims that the two companies slow down their phones through software updates in order to force customers to buy newer models. Huawei, the company battling for supremacy in the smartphone market with both of these companies, has taken this opportunity to throw shade at Apple and Samsung while also promoting its latest device, the […]

$2.25 Million McLaren Speedtail Supercar Can Hit 250MPH

McLaren is well regarded for its high-performance vehicles and the company has now unveiled a new supercar that costs an eye-watering $2.25 million. There’s a lot that buyers get for that insane amount of money, though, including a top speed of 250 miles per hour. This hybrid supercar focuses on being extremely aerodynamic with a touch of modern technology and classic McLaren racing DNA.

You Can Now Legally Hack Your Device’s DRM To Fix It

In recent times there has been proposals for the “right to repair”. Basically the idea is that customers shouldn’t be penalized if they choose to take their devices to a third-party repair service which is often cheaper than going through official channels. Now it looks like a new set of rules proposed by the Librarian of Congress and US Copyright Office has made it easier.

Russian Celebrity Sued By Samsung For Using An iPhone

Companies such as Samsung tend to pay celebrities from time to time to endorse their products. However more often than not we’ve seen slipups from various celebrities where they seem to be promoting a particular handset/brand on their social media pages, only to reveal that they were using Apple’s iPhone to do the promotions all along.

Dyson Building Electric Car Factory In Singapore

Dyson, the company best known for its premium appliances, announced last year that it’s going to make an electric car. The company is moving ahead with its plan and has now revealed that it will be setting up the manufacturing plant for its electric car in Singapore. The company announced today that its board members have approved the construction of its first car manufacturing factory in Singapore.