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Huawei’s Smart Home Shows Off What HarmonyOS Can Do
Huawei had previously confirmed that they are developing their own mobile platform alternative to Android called HarmonyOS. However, the company notes that HarmonyOS isn’t just another smartphone operating system, but it will be a platform for all manner of smart devices including those for the home.

This Is What A Foldable iPhone Could Look Like
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could be developing a foldable iPhone of its own, but the question is what would such a device look like? Thanks to designer Svyatoslav Alexandrov, a video has been published onto the ConceptsiPhone YouTube page that gives us a look at what such a handset could look like if it were to be made.

Samsung Promises Four Years Of Security Updates For Its Android Smartphones
One of the criticisms about Android phones is the lack of support. Usually, Android smartphones get about two major Android upgrades and maybe 2-3 years worth of security updates, and after that you’re pretty much on your own. However, Samsung is hoping to change that by extending their security updates to four years.

Foldable iPhone Might Be Launched In 2024 At The Earliest, If At All
Word on the street is that Apple could be working on their own foldable iPhone. The rumors are claiming that the company could be planning a launch of the device in 2023, but now a report from Korean publication The Elec claims that the launch will most likely take place in 2024 at the earliest, and even then, it’s not guaranteed.


This Is What Happens If You Don’t Accept WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy
As many of you might have heard by now, WhatsApp still has plans to implement its controversial privacy policy in May. Of course, some of you might be wondering what happens if you refuse to accept the terms of service following the changes, and it seems like nothing good will come of that.

Citibank Wires $500 Million By Mistake, Judge Says They Can’t Get It Back
If you were accidentally sent money intended for someone or something else, the right thing to do would be to send it back, right? There are laws in place to prevent people from misusing these types of accidental transfers, but it seems that Citibank has found themselves in a sticky situation where they are most likely out $500 million.

Thanks To AI, We Can Now Enjoy Being Rickrolled In 4K Resolution
By now if you’ve been on the internet for long enough, you might be familiar with “rickrolling”, which basically involves someone linking or playing a clip of Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up. The music video itself is pretty old as it was filmed back in 1987 where concepts like Full HD, let alone 4K, weren’t even fathomable yet.

Apple Reportedly Planning An Event For March 16
There have been rumors suggesting that Apple could have new iPads in the works with mini LED displays, and also that there could be a new AirTags tracking accessory. So the question is, when will these products be announced? Turns out it could be in the next few weeks, or so the latest rumors are claiming.

ZOTAC’s GPU Mining Post Just Ticked Off A Lot Of PC Gamers
In order to build a rig powerful enough to mine for cryptocurrency like bitcoin, you would need high-end GPUs. This has proven to be a problem over the years as miners have been snapping up supply of GPUs, much to the annoyance of gamers who simply want to build a gaming rig and play their games.

The UK Will Soon Begin The World’s First Human COVID-19 Trial
Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic begun. Scientists and researchers around the world were seemingly caught off guard and many scrambled to find the answers to better understand how the virus is passed along to humans, what are the effects, and if there are any long-lasting consequences.

This House In New York Was Built Using 3D Printing
When we think of a home being built, we can probably picture a lot of work going into it. A lot of materials will be required, a lot of machines are also expected to be used, and of course, a lot of people will also be involved. All of this can add up which is why building a home can be an expensive affair.

Microsoft Just Launched A Pair Of Xbox Branded Wireless Headphones
When it comes to headphones, Microsoft might seem like an odd brand to think about, but over the years, the company has launched several audio products such as headphones and wireless earbuds. Now it looks like they’re back with a new pair of headphones, except that these have been designed for gaming in mind.

Possible M1X Chipset Spotted On Benchmark Site
Apple’s M1 chipset was used in some of last year’s Mac computers. We expect that the company will most likely introduce a new version this year, kind of like how they’ve been doing with the iPhone and iPad’s A-series chipsets, but what could the new model be? What kind of specs are we talking about?

YouTuber Spent $70,000 Creating The World’s Largest (And Functional) PS5
If you thought that the Sony PS5 was kind of huge, then you might need a little perspective because YouTuber ZHC has revealed what can only be described as the world’s largest PS5 to date. This unit is said to be 100 times larger than the actual console itself, but here’s the kicker, it actually works.

Steve Jobs’s Hand-Written Job Application Goes Up For Auction
Do you think that the forms you filled out when you applied for jobs are worth anything? Probably not, but if you’re Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, then it could fetch a pretty penny, or at least that’s what this auction is hoping for where they’re auctioning off a hand-written job application from Jobs himself.

DJI’s FPV Drone Leaked In Hands-On Review Video
Ever wonder what it might be like to fly a drone in a first-person perspective? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that DJI could have such a drone in the works. This is according to an unboxing video by Dominion Drones who seems to have published the video a bit too early.

90-Year Old Man’s Viral Ad Forces AT&T To Take Action And Upgrade His Internet
Are you experiencing slow internet speeds in your area? Sure, you might call in to complain, but how often does that actually result in something being done? Rarely, we can only assume, but it seems that maybe a good course of action would be to take out an ad in a newspaper to get the attention of your local internet company.

Google Chrome Testing Out New Scrolling Tabs Feature
If you use Google Chrome and tend to have a ton of tabs open at the same time, you’re probably aware that the more tabs you open, the smaller they get as Chrome tries to squeeze as many of them on your screen as possible. This is designed to make it easier for users to pick the tab they want.

Smaller Streaming Services Could Be Considering A Merger
When it comes to video streaming, it’s hard to beat Netflix which boasts over 200 million subscribers. Disney+ is also catching up at an impressive 95 million subscribers despite being late to the party. However, the problem with these services is that there are too many of them and it would not be realistic to expect people to subscribe to all of them.

Apple Launches Online Portal For Activation Lock Removal Requests
One of the features of the iPhone is that in the event you lose it or have it stolen, you can mark it as such on iCloud. This means that whoever has your phone and attempts to have it erased will need to enter your Apple ID and password. This is meant to discourage thieves from stealing iPhones.