You Can Now ‘Choose’ Engine Sounds For Electric Cars

Quiet electric cars are good but not necessarily safe. For instance, you can just hit a pedestrian with an electric car and they will not be able to foresee it. Of course, this does not happen often but it is still a matter of concern.No matter whether it is about the visually impaired pedestrians, bicyclists, or other fellow drivers – Electric cars need to make some kind of noises to […]

iOS 13 Exploit Lets Others Bypass The Lockscreen To See Your Contacts

iOS 13 has yet to be released, although we heard, it could be coming out next week. However, it seems that ahead of the update’s release, an exploit has already been discovered. If the exploit is taken advantage of, it will allow an unauthorized user to bypass your lockscreen to access your contact list.

Google Maps Solves Mystery Of A Man Gone Missing Over 20 Years Ago

There have been many instances in the past of people who have suddenly gone missing and disappeared seemingly without a trace. That was the case with Wiliam Earl Moldt, who back in November 1997, went missing. The initial reports revealed that Moldt had called his girlfriend at 9:30PM at night, letting her know he would be leaving the club soon and heading home.

Somebody Used The Domino’s Pizza App To SWAT A Home

Like the majority of food delivery apps, the Domino’s Pizza app comes with the ability for customers to leave a note. This means that users can leave messages to note food allergies, extra napkins, delivery instructions, and so on. However, it seems that someone decided to use the app that resulted in a home getting swatted.


Airbus Planes Will Be Digitally Aware To Track Bathroom Visits

As bizarre it might sound, the digital evolution involves a lot of weird improvements – including aircrafts tracking your bathroom activity, to say the least. According to a report by Bloomberg, Airbus planes are trying to make the cabins “digitally aware” and monitor your activities for insights to help the passenger in an efficient manner.Dubbed as “Airspace Connected Experience“, Airbus says that it aims to provide a personalized passenger experience […]

Apple’s Most Expensive iPad Pro Just Got A Lot Cheaper

Apple’s products are already pretty expensive, although the more you upgrade the storage, the more expensive it gets. Take for example the iPad Pro with 1TB of storage which was priced at $1749, and note that we say “was” because it seems that Apple has decided to drop the prices on its iPad Pro models.

Thieves Who Stole $300,000 Worth Of iPhones Might Have Just Wasted Their Time

iPhones are a hot commodity and just about everyone wants one. Their resale value is also pretty high for second-hand devices, which is why many thieves and robbers are targeting the devices. In fact, a report from Perth Now has revealed that a group of thieves had smashed their way into an Apple Store in Perth, Australia, where they made off with more than $300,000 worth of iPhones.

Move Over Apple Card Skins, You Can Now Buy Apple Card Cases

Recently, Apple published a support document on how to take care of your brand new Apple Card. This included instructions on cleaning it and avoiding certain types of material, like leather, as it could cause discoloration. We’ve already seen this happen with an Apple Card used by an early adopter that showed some pretty major signs of wear and tear after just one month.

Scientists Have Discovered A Way To Grow A Tooth’s Enamel

There is a reason why we have been told to avoid eating certain types of food and drinking certain types of drinks, like soft drinks. This is because there are types of food and drink that can erode the enamel on our teeth. This in turn can cause more complicated tooth problems due to the fact that enamel cannot self-repair or grow back.

Some Airlines Are Now Banning MacBooks Pros From Being Used During Flights

Falling the reports that Apple has started to recall 2015 MacBook Pros over battery concerns where some battteries have apparently caught on fire, some airline companies have started to ban the laptop from being placed in checked-in luggage. Instead, passengers were required to bring it with them in their carry-on luggage.

Patent Reveals That Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The MacBook’s Keyboard

Laptop keyboards have never really been known to be pleasant to type on. They are functional where there are some keyboards that do feel better than most, and Apple’s MacBook keyboards were one of them. We say “were” because ever since the company transitioned to their Butterfly switch design, it has been downhill from there.

Drug Mule Busted At Airport After Authorities Go Through His Search History

Our searches can tell a lot about us and our current state of mind, and it is because of this that a drug mule entering into Australia was caught. 36-year-old Sam Kul was entering Australia after spending four months in Europe, where upon entry into the country, airport customs officers searched through his phone where they found his search history that led them to believe he was hiding something.

Nuclear Plant Employees Arrested For Stealing Electricity To Mine Cryptocurrency

There is a reason why not everyone is mining for cryptocurrencies in their own home. This is because the mining process requires quite a bit of powerful hardware (which is why at some point in time, the prices of GPUs were going up) and also a lot of electricity, meaning that you could actually end up spending more than you make if you’re not successful.

Android 10 Marks The End Of An Era As Google Ditches The Dessert Names

One of the defining features of Android is Google’s playful take on the naming schemes for the different versions of the software, where with every release, Google chooses to name the update after a dessert in alphabetical order. This year, which is version 10 and is known as Android Q, Google has yet to officially reveal what the update will be called.