flight-turbineI am quite sure that wind turbines do have its advantages and all, but it is not every single day that one is able to fix a wind turbine right there and then. A new study that was shared by the University of Delaware showed that high-altitude wind turbines which were tethered to the ground in the same manner as that of kites might carry the potential of generating adequate clean, renewable electricity for the whole world to use. Researchers did target regions where “wind speed maxima” would enable airborne wind energy (AWE) devices to churn electricity at full capacity.

At the intermediate density of airborne turbines, it is said that the electricity generation could actually surpass the 7.5 terawatts mark, making it triple the current annual electricity demand worldwide. With over 20 companies right now that are in various stages of developing AWE technology, we are also witness to more than 100 patents filed in the United States alone. Google has their prototype which is known as Makani Power, although it must be noted that commercially viable airborne wind farms are a few years away still. Just how high must these turbines be deployed? We are talking of heights of between 656 feet and 1.86 miles.

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