Almost a week back the very first pictures of a prototype of the much rumored Amazon smartphone were leaked online. Today additional details have been leaked about this smartphone which isn’t expected to be announced for at least a few months. To set its handset apart from the rest Amazon will apparently focus on changing the way we interact with our smartphones. It will reportedly rely upon proprietary cameras and the head-tracking system to make one handed use easier than it is today.

According to BGR the user interface will be influenced by unique tilt-based gestures. It will display additional information when the handset is titled into different directions. For example the email and calendar applications will display labels under each icon to describe their functions when the device is titled. Similarly a tilt gesture will provide quick access to camera roll when a user is composing a text message.

Similar gestures in a maps application would reportedly display Yelp rating for each result. Another given example is Amazon’s IMDB app which would reveal a film rating when a tilt gesture is used.

It sounds like Amazon has effectively eliminated the need for a home button. There is a significant downside nonetheless. Users will have to go through a big learning curve and Amazon would need to make sure that retail personnel are fully trained to teach potential customers.

So far Amazon has not commented on any rumors linking it to a smartphone. It is not yet known for sure if and when it plans on finally launching the device.

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