bf4-loginEarlier this month Battlefield 4 gamers were complaining that they were experiencing rubber banding within the game. Basically what this means is that there severe latency issues where players keep getting sent back to the original location, despite them thinking that they were moving in another direction. No doubt this is highly irritating but the good news is that it has been taken care of.

According to DICE, they claim to have resolved whatever rubbing banding issues that was present in the game. Apparently the issue was with their servers and after a server upgrade, they claim that the problem is gone and taken care of. The developers confirmed it after a player pointed out on Reddit that despite there having been updates, there was no mention of server upgrades in the patch notes.

However given that server upgrades are hardware upgrades, they tend not to make their way into the software changelog, so we guess it is understandable. So far it seems that for the most part, the rubber banding issue has been taken care of and is mostly gone, although there are a smattering of comments that would suggest otherwise.

Then again rubber banding can sometimes be a problem with the player’s connection and not necessarily always the server’s fault, so perhaps that might explain why. At the same time we doubt the latency issues can truly be solved once and for all, but we guess for now the game is still somewhat playable. Any Battlefield 4 gamers out there still experiencing rubber banding?

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