Unlike software, hardware isn’t updated frequently. If an application has any bugs or security flaws, a patch will fix it in no time, but if a piece of hardware is made and released to the public and there are some glaring issues, a hardware recall might be necessary. That being said, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a piece of hardware that could evolve over time?

That’s what the folks being Binauric are trying to do with a speaker they are calling the Boom Boom. The speaker itself is pretty straightforward and will pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth, but the main difference is that the longer you’ve had the Boom Boom speakers, the more functionalities it will get.

How they are doing this is by adding pieces of hardware inside the speakers itself that would only activate after a certain period of time, such as accelerometers, light sensors, and microphones. According to its designer, Mathieu Lehanneur, “These are like sleeping components that are waiting to be woken up.”

If anything it sounds like Binauric have created a feature packed speaker that has a bunch of hardware inside that opens it up to various possibilities. Right now the company has given some Boom Boom speakers to students at the ECAL University and hopes that the students will take the device apart, hack into it, and create new ways to use the speakers beyond what speakers are meant to be used for.

It’s a very clever idea and it sounds very intriguing, but the question is will it catch on? With features constantly having the potential to evolve, it’s like the device will never get old, although do we really need speakers to come with that much functionality? What do you guys think?

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