Even if you don’t watch the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, chances are you might have heard its opening song before. It has become rather iconic and has seen many covers made by musicians around the world. Its opening animation sequence is also pretty nifty too and it seems that one fan decided to take it upon himself to recreate it using Skyrim.

The result is a project that its creator, Brady Wold, calls “Thrones” and according to the video’s description, took him thousands of hours to create, which safe to say probably spanned the course of several months, if not a year (since we doubt he worked on it non-stop).

According to Wold, “This started off as an exercise to kill time one afternoon about two years ago, never intending it to be a finished product. I continued to work on it here and there throughout various freelance projects, internships, and other personal projects, until it eventually became a burden; my very own “white whale.””

So if you’re a fan of Skyrim or Game of Thrones, or maybe even both, then we would highly recommend you take a couple of minutes from your day to enjoy the recreation of the Game of Thrones opening sequence in the video above, so enjoy! So, how impressed are you?

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