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There Is Now A Starbucks Cup Mod For Skyrim
Earlier this month, eagle-eyed fans of Game of Thrones spotted in an episode of the show that there was a Starbucks cup in a scene that somehow made it past the editors. It was kind of hilarious to see how Starbucks had somehow found its way into the world of Westeros, further playing on the perception of how Starbucks seems to be everywhere.

Bethesda Will Keep Releasing Skyrim Until Fans Stop Buying It
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released back in 2011, but yet fast forward 7 years later, the game is still being talked about and still being released. Take for example how there was a port of the game that brought it onto the Nintendo Switch, and let’s not forget the “Special Edition” which basically introduced upgrade graphics to the game.

Skyrim Skill For Alexa Lets You Play The Game Using Your Voice
Bethesda made a couple of surprise announcements at its E3 conference, one of which involved the confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI is in development. Then the company also unveiled Skyrim: Very Special Edition, which for a moment looked like some kind of joke ad that featured actor Keegan Michael Key.

Gamer Loses 10 Pounds While Playing Skyrim VR
There is the common perception that all gamers are overweight and unhealthy. We suppose that the idea of someone sitting in front of their computer all day without exercise probably lends itself to that perception, but it seems that video games also has the potential to help gamers lose weight.


Skyrim VR Coming To PC With Oculus Rift Support
Last year Bethesda announced that Skyrim VR would be headed onto the PC where it would be playable on devices like the HTC Vive. It was largely assumed that it would be only available on the HTC Vive, but the game’s pre-order page on Steam (via GameSpot) has revealed a surprise and that is it will support the Oculus Rift as well.

Skyrim, Fallout 4 Updated With Xbox One X Enhancements
We expect that over the next few months and years, developers will start releasing games on consoles that will support better quality graphics, higher resolutions, and more frame rates. However this doesn’t mean that in the meantime older games will have to look terrible, at least not all of them.

Skyrim Graphics For The Nintendo Switch VS The PS4
Based on what we know so far, it will probably be a while before we see The Elder Scrolls VI from Bethesda, which means that until then, players will have to make do with The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as the reimagining of Skyrim which is not only available in VR, but will also be launched on the Nintendo Switch.

New Skyrim VR Trailer Reveals Additional Details
Bethesda’s Skyrim is one of the more beloved RPGs in recent times. The game was originally released back in 2011, but thanks to DLCs, mods, enhanced versions of the game, and also a virtual reality (VR) version of the game, interest in the game has been kept alive and well. In fact in a few days, Skyrim VR is set for a release.

Sony Unveils PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle
Earlier this year at E3 2017, Bethesda announced that Skyrim would be getting a virtual reality (VR) makeover in the form of Skyrim VR. They also announced that the game will be finding its way onto Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, and for those who have yet to purchase a PlayStation VR kit, Sony has you covered.

Skyrim Special Edition To Get A New ‘Survival Mode’
While it will probably be a while, maybe years, before we see the release of The Elder Scrolls VI, it doesn’t mean that gamers who love the franchise can’t expect new content. In fact Bethesda has recently announced that the Skyrim Special Edition will be getting an update in the form of a new “Survival Mode”.

Skyrim For The Nintendo Switch Set For November 17
One of the games that captured the attention of gamers when the Nintendo Switch’s trailer was first launch was Skyrim. This is because while many did expect titles like Mario to be released for the Switch, Skyrim was actually a surprise and not many expected to see the title being shown off in the console’s trailer.

DOOM VFR, Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR Release Dates Confirmed
Earlier this year during E3 2017, the folks at Bethesda announced a trio of existing IPs that would be given the virtual reality (VR) treatment. This included DOOM VFR, Skyrim VR, and Fallout 4 VR. However during the announcement, Bethesda did not confirm when these titles will be released, at least until now.

Skyrim For The Nintendo Switch Demoed On Video
When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, many were surprised when they spotted footage of what appeared to be Skyrim playing on the console. For some reason neither Nintendo nor Bethesda could confirm it despite the fact that it was pretty obvious, but at E3 2017, it was pretty much a done deal.

Skyrim VR Will Be Arriving On The HTC Vive In 2018
At E3 earlier this month, Bethesda announced Skyrim VR. At its core this is the Skyrim that gamers know and love, but with a twist being that it is playable in VR. This means that players will be thrust into the game’s virtual world in a more immersive manner compared to playing behind a computer monitor.

Bethesda Will Be Bringing ‘Skyrim’ To The PlayStation VR
While Bethesda’s Skyrim might not necessarily be the latest RPG available at the moment, it seems that the developer is milking the heck out of it. The company not only announced a remaster of the game in the form of Skyrim Special Edition, but they’ll also be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch with brand new controls.

‘Skyrim’ For Nintendo Switch Officially Revealed
When the Nintendo Switch was officially announced, the trailer showed off a person playing what appeared to be Bethesda’s Skyrim on the console. There was a bit of back and forth about whether the game would be available for the platform, with Bethesda ultimately confirming that yes, Skyrim would be coming to the Switch.

Bethesda Can’t Say If Skyrim On The Switch Is The ‘Special Edition’
Bethesda has been playing it a bit coy with regards to Skyrim arriving on the Nintendo Switch. When the game was first spotted in the Switch’s debut trailer, the company could not confirm if the game would be arriving on the console. However last month it was officially confirmed that the game would be arriving on the platform.

Skyrim For The Nintendo Switch Officially Confirmed
When the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer launched, Skyrim was spotted running on the console. However for some reason, Bethesda at that time would not (or could not) confirm whether the game would arrive for the console. The good news is that you will have to wonder no more because during Nintendo’s presentation yesterday, Skyrim has been confirmed.

Skyrim Special Edition Was Possible Because Of Fallout 4
We know that when Bethesda announced Skyrim Special Edition which featured updated graphics and more, many gamers were probably thrilled by the announcement. However it seems that these gamers have Fallout 4 to thank because without the game, there might not have been a Skyrim Special Edition.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard Seemingly Confirms Skyrim For Nintendo Switch
When the Nintendo Switch was shown off, apart from the obvious first-party titles, what got many players excited was the fact that the trailer seemed to show off Bethesda’s Skyrim. However both Bethesda threw some cold water on the excitement by saying they can’t confirm anything right now which we can only assume it is due to an NDA.