Apple’s products enjoy a great presence on its home turf but recently it has been coming under a lot of pressure from its rivals. Still though it may take them some time to truly catch up with Apple, at least in the tablet market. Stats published by Chitika today reveal that the iPad accounts for 77.2 percent of all web traffic generated from North America. Despite having this massive chunk of the market, iPad’s share has actually gone four percentage points down from last year.

On the other hand, Samsung tablets have seen their market share grown up to 8.3 percent from just 4.7 percent last year. Amazon’s tablets come in third place with total web share at 6.1 percent, down over a percentage point from last year.

The iPad is most certainly the tablet of choice in this particular market even though its rivals are steadily increasing their market share. Growth is still being witnessed in the country’s mature tablet market. eMarketer notes that at least 22.8 percent of the entire population of the U.S. used an iPad at least once a month in 2013. It also found that 42 percent of the entire population used a tablet for varying makes and manufacturers.

Rivals like Samsung have always tried to undercut the iPad on price. While that strategy has been successful, a large number of customers would still opt for an iPad if they’re willing to spend north of $500 or more on a tablet.

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