Lenovo FLEX 2 Laptops Announced

Flex 2 (14'')_06Lenovo has recently announced that they have added two new computers to their FLEX lineup in the form of the FLEX 2. The FLEX 2 laptops will come in two different sizes, a 14-inch display ora 15.6-inch display, but apart from the difference in display sizes, both laptops are expected to feature the same hardware internally.

So what makes Lenovo’s FLEX 2 laptops so unique? Well as the name would suggest, the laptops are flexible, sort of. The display can be tilted all the way around at a 300 degree angle, meaning that it sort of acts like a tablet on a stand, and thanks to its touchscreen display and Windows 8.1, we guess it sort of is like a tablet.

Flex 2 (14'')_02This gives users the option of either having the keyboard in front of them, or having the screen in front of them which might be a better idea when it comes to watching movies. Other features includes Dolby’s Advanced Audio v2 technology and stereo speakers which should help make sound coming from the laptop louder and clearer.

Flex 2 (14'')_01There are also dual digital microphones included in the laptops which will also come equipped with a 720p HD webcam. In terms of hardware, users can configure the laptops to pack up to an Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, or if you’d prefer AMD, there is also configurations that allow for up to an AMD A8 chipset with AMD Radeon R5 M230 GPUs.

Flex 2 (14'')_04In terms of storage, Lenovo is offering either a 1TB hard drive, a hybrid SSHD, or full SSD with 256GB of storage, which unless you’re planning on using the laptop just for work-related documents, is not a lot when it comes to storing music and movies. Priced starting at $429, Lenovo’s FLEX 2 laptops are expected to be made available in the beginning of June.

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