mailboxappforiphoneIt was about a year ago that the Mailbox app was launched. The app initially debuted on iOS and one of its unique features and selling point was its clean and minimal user interface that made use of gestures, such as swiping, to manage one’s email. The app was later launched on Android as a beta which included several changes not in the iOS version, such as auto-swipe.

Well the good news for iOS users is that Mailbox 2.0 is finally here for iOS and with the update, it will introduce the auto-swipe feature which should make managing your inbox a lot easier than before. For those unfamiliar with the feature, the app will basically learn from your habits and will know which emails you want to archive and will automatically be able to archive it for you, thus saving you precious time from having to do it yourself.

It should be noted that because Mailbox is now owned by Dropbox, the app will now prompt you to sign in with your Dropbox account, although this is entirely optional if you don’t see the need to link up your Dropbox and Mailbox accounts together, although perhaps if you want to backup your emails then it might be worth looking into.

The app itself is free and promotes an empty inbox. This is done by either archiving your emails or setting them to “snooze” which will remind you to attend to it later. If you’d like to check it out, hit up the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store for the download.

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