bitcoin11The bitcoin cryptocurrency is currently a source of contention amongst different camps around the world. This ranges from banks, retailers, and governments as to whether or not the currency should be accepted and used as a legitimate form of payment. Some retailers have gladly accepted it, while there are those who aren’t too fond of it.

Well whatever the future holds for bitcoin, MIT undergrad students can now look forward to owning a piece of it. This is thanks to the MIT Bitcoin Club who has recently announced that every MIT undergrad student will be given $100 worth of bitcoin starting this fall.

Given the fickle nature of bitcoin’s value, $100 now could be worth $200 the next hour, or $50 in the next 30 minutes, but regardless it’s still a piece of technology that will go down in history, regardless of its success or failure.

According to the MIT Bitcoin Club’s press release, “Plans for the MIT Bitcoin Project involve a range of activities, including working with professors and researchers across the Institute to study how students use the bitcoin they receive, as well as spurring academic and entrepreneurial activity within the university in this burgeoning field.”

It also seems that there is no restriction placed on the bitcoins given to students and they are basically free to do with it as they pleased, whether they want to spend it all in one place or hold onto it in hopes that one day it will be worth 10 times what it was.

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