Netflix is a popular online streaming website. It has one of the biggest content libraries, which includes, TV shows, movies, documentaries and more. There has been much debate over the possibility of a Netflix launch in France. Given the country’s strict cultural protection laws, online broadcasters like Netflix have a lot to consider before they move into the country. Les Echos reports today that Netflix launch in France could be possible soon if the company establishes base in Luxembourg to avoid French regulations.

Netflix already provides service in several parts of the EU through a similar arrangement. Its may not want to establish base in France due to the fact that the country’s cultural protection laws dictate that broadcasters reinvest a portion of their revenues in French productions. In Luxembourg these rules won’t apply, but Netflix would still be able to offer service in France.

French officials have reportedly told Les Echos that Netflix streaming in France is set to begin next fall. It might be welcomed by local broadcasters with open arms though. Several reports suggest that local broadcasters have started lobbying the government to ensure that foreign broadcasters pay the same fees as them. Netflix hasn’t officially commented on the report as yet.

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