ps-vita-petsHaving a video game that simulates that of an actual pet is not a new idea at all, where the Tamagotchi craze did kick things off many, many years ago. I clearly remember that the Nintendo DS did have Nintendogs that seemingly remained on top of the sales charts for the longest time (there were many different “breeds”, or variations, to choose from), and since we are now in 2014, it is about time a modern day handheld console received another pet sim title. The PS Vita will be on the receiving end of PS Vita Pets this coming June 3rd, and it looks set not to be any ordinary pet game.

The team over at Spiral House intended to create something that would end up as more than a mere pet sim, as they wanted to make it feel like a real game. In PS Vita Pets, you will be able to choose from a quartet of different puppies, where each of them has their own personality, a sense of humor as well as character traits, just like an actual puppy.

As you get to know your virtual puppy more and more, you will also have to pick up the relevant skills required to go on the adventure of Castlewood Island, while attempting to discover and solve the long lost legend of a king and his dog. Seems like an unusual twist, and only time will tell whether this amalgamation of game genres will actually pay off. [Press Release]

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