princess-peach-wiimoteThere is nothing quite like having a themed piece of hardware, is there? Nintendo is said to roll out a brand new Wii Remote Plus controller some time later this month, where this particular model will come dressed in the iconic colors of Princess Peach. The Wii Remote Plus Princess Peach controller is set to hit stores at the end of this month, sporting an asking price of $39.99 apiece, where it has been specially designed in the same manner as that of the Mario and Luigi controllers.

The main body of this controller will feature a shade of pink, complete with a golden crown design emblazoned across the remote’s speaker. The middle buttons on the controller happen to be blue in color, while the plus pad arrives in a shade of golden yellow, which so happens to be colors that reflect Princess Peach’s very own jewelry and crown. Expect this uniquely colored remote to play nice with the entire library of Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U games, where among them include the soon-to-arrive kart racer Mario Kart 8 that is set to launch later this May 30th. Are you interested in collecting all of the specially colored Wii Remote Plus controllers, or is the plain old version good enough for you?

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