Most, if not all, shoppers on Amazon rely upon reviews from other customers prior to making a purchase. Its actually one of the most used features of the online retailer. Positive reviews encourage potential customers to part with their money, negative reviews might make them consider another company or product. But what if one company threatened to sue you after you left a bad review? Amazon isn’t going to let that slide it seems.

A redditor posted a letter online earlier this week that he received from Mediabridge Products, a company that sold wireless networking devices on Amazon. He had purchased a router and wasn’t happy with it so he left a bad review. The company sent a letter threatening to held him “liable for all damages sustained” as a result of the negative review.

The letter claimed that Mediabridge “zealously guards its hard-earned reputation” and that the reviewer had actually mounted an “illegal campaign to damage, discredit, defame and libel Mediabridge.” This is hardly the response anyone would think of receiving from a company that gets a product negatively reviewed on Amazon, even the reviewer said that he had never been “so relentlessly bullied” by any company.

As a result of all this Amazon revoked the selling privileges of Mediabridge Products, it will not be able to sell its products through the online retailer until license is granted once again. Mediabridge says that it hadn’t actually sued the reviewer and that it just wanted him to take down the “untrue, damaging and disparaging statements.” Though after receiving a flurry of negative comments the company deleted this statement along with its entire Facebook presence.

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