While many of us will most probably look forward to the various offerings on the silver screen this summer, surely the next installment of Transformers is going to be something that most of us will not want to miss. Now, if only there was a real life Transformer, but with the Black Knight Transformer, it is as close as it can get. Advanced Tactics Incorporated, the company behind the Black Knight Transformer, has finally taken to the skies.

The whole point of the Black Knight Transformer is not for it to become a lean, mean, killing machine. No sir, it will not unfurl itself to a humanoid posture with guns blazing at whatever structures the enemy has in place, but rather, it is a transport container with wheels and rotors, where it has been specially designed to help with the evacuation of casualties from the battlefield in an autonomous manner, or to use it for supply delivery.

Right now, it is still under development, although it is already full well capable of being driven and flying around as shown in the video above. Heck, you can also opt to pilot the Black Knight Transformer remotely if you want to, which should go some way in reducing the risk of pilot casualties in the long run as well.

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