canon-powershot-n100One of the joys of having a fast camera is the ability to fire off a shot and capture the moment as it happens. Sometimes the best photos come from these moments, but unfortunately the need to focus onto the subject can sometimes hamper the speed. This is why the Lytro camera is so unique because it allows users to shoot their photos first, then refocus later on the area that they want.

It is also this feature that allows photographers to come up with creative photos since the focus can always be adjusted on different subjects or areas in the photo. This is not a feature that has made its way onto modern day cameras but according to Canon Rumors, they have learnt that Canon is working on implement such a feature in future PowerShot and Rebel-branded DSLR cameras.

We’re not sure why Canon is only planning on introducing this to their lower-end lineup of cameras, but it is possible that the higher-end cameras are usually reserved for professionals who already know what they are doing and who might not need such gimmicky features. No word on when Canon plans on bringing depth of field control to their cameras, assuming this is even a real feature they’re working on to begin with.

Take it with a grain of salt for now but what do you guys think? Are such features a welcome feature in cameras, or do you think that focusing should be done first and done properly before the photo is taken?

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