first-call-chairDo you have a gut feeling that this world has gotten a little less private? I suppose with all the leaks that has been happening around us, not only where upcoming hardware is concerned, but also the private lives of celebrities and politicians being bared for all to see, perhaps there is wisdom in choosing the right place to carry out a conversation. Walls have ears, or so you have been told, while others will cite “little birds” that carry the juicy tales at the water cooler all over the place. Having said that, with the First Call Chair, things might work to your advantage as this happens to be a private place you can call your own, allowing you to actually plant your rear end and chat without having to worry about someone eavesdropping on you.

The First Call Chair boasts of a design that is reminiscent that of an old school phone booth, as it is shaped in the same manner, too. Well, whenever you want somewhere nice and quiet to make that phone call, just plant your backside into the First Call Chair, and you’re good to chat. It does not matter that the rest of the world is contributing to the ambient noise, the First Call Chair helps drown that out somewhat, turning the mystical cone of silence into reality, thanks to master Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier.

The asking price of $5,000 might elicit a gasp from you, but this is one modern marvel that the rich and famous ought to have in their living rooms.

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