gowexMunicipal Wi-Fi network operator Gowex has just declared that they have rolled out coverage in the US city of Chicago by offering over 450 Wi-Fi hotspots for the masses, where the majority of these happen to be deployed Downtown as well as at the central business district. This would be the fourth Wi-Fi City in the USA by the company after taking into account the likes of New York, San Francisco and Miami.

The question is, how did Gowex manage to leverage such a level of investment? It has been made possible courtesy of the unique Smart Advertising platforms, Roaming, Offloading and Smart City services. In fact, a fair number of hotspots of the network happen to be concentrated within Near West Side community, which would be adjacent to ‘The Loop’, that is, the main business district of Chicago. This is also where the Government office as well as the hub of the “L”, the transportation system of the city, happen to be located.

Those who want to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi network will be able to enjoy speeds of up to 1Mbps on mobile devices, which ought to be adequate enough to check your email, surf for news, receive Facebook updates and tweets.

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