make-it-rainWhile the mobile gaming industry has been growing steadily over the past few years, thanks to a higher number of adoption rates when it comes to smartphones and tablets, not to mention more affordable pricing as well as better data plans for everyone, coming up with the next Angry Birds or Flappy Bird is not that easy. We have heard on how the Flappy Bird creator earns a purported $50,000 per day by the sheer number of the game’s downloads, but is there anything else out there that comes close? Apparently so, with the most recent breakout hit being a simple game known as Make It Rain: The Love of Money.

Hmmm, it sure as heck seems to me as though the developer of Make It Rain: The Love of Money sure knows what being a rainmaker is all about. Basically, Make It Rain’s premise is way too simple, you might even kick yourself and wonder how come you never thought about it first. In this game, you swipe dollar bills as quickly as possible in order to earn money, where once you have collected a fair amount of dough, just invest those in other money-making ventures, with the ultimate aim of being a virtual tycoon.

Apart from that, Make It Rain is raking in the cash as Space Inch founder Joshua Segall shared that his company is earning approximately $50,000 every single day from ads as well as in-app purchases. Not bad at all, considering that it cost just $10,000 to make, with $1,000 more spent on marketing when it was released on Android and iOS last month, having seen over a million downloads since.

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