photographer-swallows-filmJust when you thought that film photography is dead and buried, along comes student artists Luke Evans and Joshua Lake who might have just taken a bold step forward – by swallowing single frames of 35mm film so that they can explore their own intestines in a novel manner. These solitary frames of 35mm film have been folded into a brightly colored capsule that would then let the acids and bodily fluids process the film without too much risk of the colon suffering from damage.


Needless to say, the recovery process is not one that is pleasant, considering how the negatives can only be recovered upon excretion. A pair of gloves as well as tongs would obviously come in handy here, where much cleaning will need to be done before the negatives are printed into huge black and white works of art.


This particular art project has been titled “I turn myself inside out”, and it undoubtedly one of the more uncomfortable and yet intimate manner of exploring the photographic medium. Images are produced and processed by machinery, light, and chemicals, but this rather different series will take advantage of the artists’ very own bodies and their fluids instead. Do you think that there are some boundaries out there which art should not transcend?


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