city-storiesThe Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series have proven to be quite the hit over the years, where we have even seen how GTA V actually earning a whopping $1 billion in terms of sales within three days, by far making it a whole lot more successful than many other movies out there. Not only that, GTA V proved to be an unstoppable record breaking machine, chomping through 7 Guinness World Records along the way. Having said that, Take-Two, the parent company of GTA developers Rockstar, do not seem as though they are done with the GTA franchise just yet, having filed a trademark that depicts the name “City Stories”.


This particular listing happened to be registered by Take-Two, where it will encompass “computer and video game programs and software” and “entertainment services, namely, providing online games” alike. If history is to be of any indication, then the City Stories name does make plenty of sense, since it was seen in the past before under the helm of handheld titles that were released under the Grand Theft Auto series, which are GTA: Vice City Stories and GTA: Liberty City Stories.

Alternatively, this could also very well be the name of a future DLC for GTA 5. The thing is, we will not really know for sure, as there is every possibility that Take-Two could just want to secure the rights of this name for any possible future outing. What do you think?

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