nanowireWhen it comes to the thinnest wire that you have ever seen with your own two eyes, just how thin do you think those are? Up to that of a hair’s breadth? Well, here we are with nanowires that measure all of just three atoms in terms of thickness, thanks to US researchers who have come up with this technological marvel that ought to see a future that is littered with smaller processors as well as thinner gadgets.

The research team working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee are credited with coming up with the thinnest wires in the world, thanks to the clever implementation of a beam of electrons. The entire team has Junhao Lin in charge, where he happens to be a Vanderbilt University PhD student and visiting scientist at the laboratory. The US Department of Energy Office of Science has also thrown their weight behind this project by funding it to a certain degree.

Just how thin are these wires? We are talking about them being just one thousandth of the size of the ones that are currently used to connect transistors in modern electronics, now how about that when it comes to the wonders of modern day technological advancement?

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