ios 7 ipadWhen a new software update is released, we’re sure that many are eager to get their hands on it right away. This is because updates usually come with bug fixes and address problems from the previous version. Some updates are huge in the sense that they will revamp the UI, add new features, and so on.

Now we know that iOS 7’s adoption rate was pretty fast, but as it turns out that over in the UK, it was even faster than North America. This is according to the folks at Chitika who discovered that when it came to adopting iOS 7, the UK proved to be slightly faster than those in Australia and North America.

For iPhone adoption, the adoption rate was on par with North America, but as far as the iPad was concerned, the UK beat out North America with an 87% adoption rate, versus NA’s 84.8%. Interestingly enough the graphs also showed which how many percent older iOS builds were still around in each region.

As you can see in the graph above, Australia appears to have more iPads running on older builds of iOS, save for North America who had more iOS 5 users compared to Australia and the UK. The graph also shows that iOS 6 is still quite prevalent in Australia, versus the UK and North America, which could explain why their iOS 7 adoption rate is lower than the rest.

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