ios7-beta5Come WWDC 2014 next week, we expect Apple to unveil iOS 8, although chances of iOS 8 being released will probably be in the later part of the year alongside the release of the iPhone 6. That being said, Chitika has recently revealed some new numbers and according to their findings, it seems that iOS 7’s adoption levels are at 90% for iPhone users, and 85% for iPad users, which is admittedly pretty impressive given that it’s been less than a year since its release.

As you can see in the pie chart above, there are still some devices that are running much older builds of iOS. This could be due to the fact that their devices are unable to support iOS 7, or that they prefer the look and feel of older iOS builds. As you might recall, there were many who had initially disliked the look of iOS 7, claiming that it felt too bright and colorful, and to a certain extent cartoony.

There were also some users who complained of motion sickness from the parallax effect, and given that jailbreaking for iOS 7 devices didn’t come until later, and with future iOS 7 versions essentially slowing jailbreak efforts down, it is understandable that users held off on updating to iOS 7 in the meantime.

In any case while iOS 7’s numbers might be impressive, Chitika notes that back in 2013, iOS 6’s numbers leading up to WWDC were at 92.7% on the iPhone and 82.9% on the iPad respectively, suggesting that iPhone updates are a bit slower with iOS 7, but higher on iPads. What do you guys make of this?

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