This isn’t the first iOS 7 lock screen bug to catch our attention. Ever since the update was released late last year multiple similar bugs have been discovered which open up the gate to unauthorized access. The latest one allows anyone to gain access to a locked iOS 7 device under five seconds provided that certain conditions are met.

The bug doesn’t give total access to an iOS device, only the apps that were running in the foreground before the device was locked will be available. Essentially the severity of the breach depends upon what the user last had opened up on their iPhone.

As previously mentioned, certain conditions have to be met before this bug can do any harm. In order for it to work there must be a missed call in the Notification Center as well as Control Center access from the locked screen. Perhaps this might make it harder to get into a stranger’s device, but you never known when everything lines up perfectly out of sheer coincidence.

This bug was first discovered by YouTube user EverythingApplePro who posted a video demonstration online. Even though it doesn’t give access to everything on the device it may end up compromising personal information, since contacts, email and messages are often the most used apps on mobile devices.

To protect yourself until a fix is rolled out simply disable Control Center access on the lock screen.

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