nexus6For those of you out there who require an inhaler in order to make sure that the relevant medication is applied from time to time, there are moments when circumstances throw a spanner in the works, and our timetable gets all whacked out of sync. If only there was a tool to help patients keep track of their medication. Nexus6 from Auckland, New Zealand, is one such company who have worked on the SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor, where this particular device has picked up FDA approval in order to deliver it to the US market.

The SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor works this way – you slip it onto a traditional inhaler, where it will be able to detect whenever the inhaler is used, raising alarm bells whenever it is time to take your medication, all the while keeping track of a record of compliance.

There will be a touchscreen display integrated on the front, where it will be used to set a full schedule of reminders, in addition to showing off the device’s full history of use, not to mention being able to change the alarm ringtones according to your preference. There will also be built-in wireless connectivity that enables the SmartTouch Inhaler Monitor to send all of the data collected onto a compatible smartphone or tablet for closer review at a later time. [Press Release]

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