spireHow has your day been? The next time someone asks you that particular question, you might want to blow into the Spire and check out the results, letting the computer algorithm do all of the necessary calculation so that you need not have to spend time to deliver the nitty gritty of what has happened. Basically the Spire is the first wearable that is capable of tracking not only physical movement, but also one’s state of mind.

How does Spire work? It basically has the ability to measure streaks of focus
and periods of tension all the while delivering accurate information on physical activity. This is one concrete manner of how technology is able to help ordinary folks take the necessary steps to be healthier and more productive, as this wearable device tracks not only physical movement but one’s state of mind as well.

Taking into account one’s breathing patterns that are enough to reveal periods of tension, relaxation, and focus, Spire will also offer push notifications and real-time activity recommendations so that users have the chance to live out a balanced and focused day.

The Spire is worn on the hip or torso, where this strategic placement lets it sense activity, body position and breathing, using years of research as its base. The battery itself is said to last a whopping 7 days, and when that starts to run low, you can always juice it up sans wires via the Qi wireless charging standard. Expect the companion app to play nice with the iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Gen, and newer versions. The Spire will cost $149.99 a pop as it ships later this September.

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