tooshlightsWe’re sure many of you guys have been to car parks where at each parking bay, there will be a light that glows either red or green, with the red indicating a spot has been taken, and a green light showing that the bay is empty. This saves drivers from having to drive around in circles as they can simply head straight to the bay with the green light.

Handy, right? Well what if you could apply that technology to other aspects in our lives, like the toilet, for example? You know how sometimes you enter a toilet and the stall doors are closed, and you’re unsure if there’s someone inside or if it closed by itself? It would be rude to knock or peek underneath it, which is where Tooshlights comes in handy.

Tooshlights is basically the same lighting system used in car parks, except that in this case it will be used in the toilet. It will function exactly the same way as the car park system, with the light glowing red/green depending on the stall’s availability. Is it a novelty? Sure, but the folks over at Tooshlights have highlighted some benefits for its use.

For example they state that it ensures privacy since a red light means that a stall is occupied, so they don’t have to worry about people trying to peek under the door to see if it is taken. It also helps to ease the traffic flow in toilets where a green light means that the stall is now vacant. Also by directing toilet-goers to empty stalls, it also helps to cut down on wait time when lining up to go to the bathroom, leaving attendees with more time on their hands.

Its creators expect that the company’s technology will be making its way into more stadiums and arenas, and estimates that there will be about 1,500-2,000 Tooshlights installed in toilet stalls by the end of the year.

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