Apple is going to announce earnings for the third fiscal quarter on Tuesday, July 22nd. The company will present sales figures and we will find out just how many iPhones and iPads it has sold in this quarter. Fortune polled 26 analysts and while their figures differ the consensus seems to be that iPad sales are largely flat this quarter, when compared to the same quarter a year ago.

These analysts also expect a modest growth in iPhone sales when compared to Q3, 2013. Their estimates range from 31.8 million to 42 million units sold in the third quarter, averaging out at 35.88 million. During the same quarter last year Apple sold 31.24 million iPhones. If these projected figures are correct then that would translate into a 14.85 percent year-over-year growth.

As far as iPad sales go these analysts expect Apple to sell between 12.3 million to 16 million units, averaging out at 14.43 million. During the year-ago quarter Apple sold 14.62 million tablets so these figures would translate into a -1.27 percent decline, which may not be as big a dip in sales as see in the previous quarter.

It should also be taken into account that Apple hasn’t launched any new iPads or iPhones since at least six months and the company isn’t expected to start shipping new products until fall 2014. This year Apple is expected to introduce iPhones with larger displays whereas no major changes are expected with the tablet lineup.

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