Android L Calculator On Google Play: Avoid It Like The Plague!

android-l-calculatorMuch has been said about Android L, where the Developer Preview has already been rooted, in addition to having an emulator roll out so that you need not own a Nexus handset in the first place. Having said that, there is a new Android L app that is made available on the Google Play Store which is called the Android L calculator, although based on the user comments alone, you would do well to avoid this like the plague.

It does seem to be nothing more than a fake app, and as at time of publishing, it still remains on the Google Play Store. The Android L calculator does claim to transform one’s basic functions calculator into a scientific calculator, where you slide the advanced menu on to the screen in either portrait or landscape mode. Or so that is what it is supposed to do, but users who have given it a go already claim that there are terrible app permissions required, as it asks for permission to modify and delete your storage contents, where these will include both photos and media. Any idea as to the reason behind a calculator app requiring such permission levels?

You know what they say – fortune favors the bold – the thing is, if you’re still curious to find out what kind of capability this app has, go ahead and give it a try despite the fact that some commenters are not too happy with it.

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