apple_logoWith credit card information usually being linked to iTunes, and with your iTunes credentials allowing you to track your iPhone and disable it remotely, it’s safe to say that keeping your account secure would be a priority. Well the good news is that if you’ve always felt that the default way of logging in, which is via a username and password, is too insecure, you might be pleased to learn that Apple has rolled out its two-step authentication system to 48 countries.

Prior to this, the two-step authentication system was limited to 11 countries, but Apple has recently brought the feature to 48 countries, bringing the total to 59 countries. We’re not sure if Apple has plans to add more countries to the mix, so hopefully your country has been listed as one of the countries that is supposed.

So what is this two-step authentication system, you ask? Well basically whenever you sign into Apple’s website to manage your account, or make a purchase via the iTunes Store, you will be sent a temporary passcode in the form of an SMS that you will have to enter. This ensures that even if the hacker were to know your username and password, they won’t be able to get past the second layer of security, unless they have your device.

However users will have to enable this feature as it won’t be enabled by default, so if you’re the type that’s really worried about their account security, then perhaps this is a security feature you will want to check out. In the meantime you can see which countries are supported by heading on over to Apple’s website.

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