google search updateOne of the handy and convenient features of Google is that it knows your searches based on your previous searches. It also knows what you’re up to based on emails you’ve received, which is why sometimes Google Now will display reminds for upcoming flights and so on. Some might think it’s creepy, but others find it useful.

That being said, if you’re planning on going on a holiday and want to know good places around your hotel to eat or check out, Google has recently announced that they have made changes to Google Search where it will now take into consideration the hotel you are staying at and will be able to display more relevant search results.

According to Google, “Tap the mic on the Google app and say “Show me restaurants around my hotel” or “Give me directions to my hotel from here.” It sounds like a pretty handy feature and is one of the many changes that Google has been making to their services these days. Recently Google added the ability to add reminders via Google Search. In any case if you’re traveling and have access to the internet, perhaps this is a feature that could come in handy. So, anyone planning on taking advantage of the new feature in their travels?

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