google-search-transit-schedulesWe’re sure many can admit that Google’s voice search feature is a lot more responsive and accurate compared to alternatives out there, such as Siri. Perhaps it is the use of neural networks that has made it slightly more superior, who knows? That being said, there are times when Google’s voice search can recognize the wrong words.

For example words that sound similar such as “bars” and “cars” could be misheard by the voice search, especially in noisy environments. The good news is that instead of having to perform the search all over again, Google has recently updated their Search feature with a command that allows users to correct the misheard word.

All that user would have to say is “No I said” followed by the word they meant. For example if you were to search for bars, but Google heard cars, you’d have to say, “No I said bars,” and Google would correct the search for you. This feature might seem a little trivial to some users, but yet it highlights how convenient it is.

Not to mention it also feels a lot more natural and conversational, as opposed to users having to perform the search again and stressing certain words just to be sure the voice assistant understood them. The feature currently works on both iOS and Android versions of the official Google Search app, so take it for a spin to check it out.

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