harkenAs the world continues to move on with various kinds of smart devices and vehicles, incorporating sensors into everyday objects like a watch, so too, will all of these collected information be put to good use with the hope of saving lives. Researchers from Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (Biomechanics Institute – IBV) over in Spain have worked hard to integrate sensors into a car’s seat as well as seatbelt, hoping that these sensors can keep track of the driver’s heartbeat and breathing patterns.

What about the different vibrations while driving that the driver experiences, you ask? Fret not, the system is smart enough to compensate for those vibrations, in addition to ignoring the driver’s movements within the seat itself. All readings will be collected by a computer which can then figure out one’s vital signs, providing a warning to the driver should he/she start to doze off while at the wheel. Hopefully in due time, we will see this technology improved to provide us with a decent physical checkup while seated in the car, now how about that?

The system will comprise of the seat sensor, the seat belt sensor and the signal-processing unit (SPU), and they remain invisible to the user for aesthetic purposes.

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