sploidThere is nothing quite like being able to lick on an extremely cold ice cream during a sweltering summer day, but how would you like to enjoy an ice cream that is capable of changing its color with each lick? 37-year-old physicist Linares has a penchant for whipping up cuisine that is out of the ordinary, and with his latest creation, he has erected a hedge of protection around the secret recipe that makes his ice cream change color whenever your tongue has a go at its cold, sugary goodness.

This special concoction has been referred to by Linares as “love elixir”, which will be sprayed on the ice cream after it has been scooped in order to assist in the reaction process. Basically, the level of fluctuations in acidity and temperature will send the process going, allowing the Xamaleón (which is the name of the ice cream) to begin changing its color. The color palette reflects the flavor, coming in some sort of tutti-frutti taste.

There are other innovations that Linares intends to continue with where ice cream is concerned, and Xamaleón happens to be the starting point. Future “research” might see a color changing ice cream that works whenever it is exposed to fluorescent or ultraviolet lights. Hmmm, it would certainly be nice to be his guinea pig, don’t you think so?

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