blizzard eventsYou would think that a new company like OnePlus would be eager to get their handset, the OnePlus One, into as many hands as possible right the door, but oddly enough the company has decided to opt for a “hunger marketing” strategy instead. This involves users having to vie for invites to buy the phone.

Well the good news is that OnePlus has announced that they will be handing out more invites in the next few days. The company has announced a “blizzard of invites” contest where basically users are asked to join a contest in order to stand a chance of winning an invite. To enter, basically you have to head on over to the contest page and sign up.

Then you can either choose to like the OnePlus Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or Instagram, or post a message on the forums. As it stands there are over 180,000 entries posted and OnePlus will only be choosing 5,000 winners. Out of those 5,000, 10 will be chosen where they will be given the recently announced bamboo back cover.

It’s an interesting idea and we have to wonder if it’s because OnePlus does not have enough stock yet, which is why they are rationing their supply. In any case if you’re curious about the phone and want to see what the fuss is about, the contest will end at 9:15AM ET/6:15AM PDT, so you only have a few hours, so you’ll want to hurry up!

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~$215 - Amazon
13 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
162 g
3100 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon 801 + None
Storage (GB)
16, 64
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