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OnePlus One, 5, 5T Get Android 9.0 Pie Ports
While it is a safe bet that OnePlus will update the OnePlus 6 with Android 9.0 Pie at some point in time, the same can’t be said for some of the company’s older handsets. If you do own a OnePlus One, 5, or 5T and are wondering if you will see the Android Pie update, not to worry because it looks like an unofficial port is now available.

Experimental Android 8.0 Oreo Now Available For The OnePlus One
The OnePlus One was originally announced back in 2014, which means that as far as smartphones are concerned, it is considered to be a fairly old phone, which also means that when it comes to receiving major Android updates, owners of the handset probably shouldn’t expect too much from it.

OnePlus Smartphones Get Permanent Price Cut
OnePlus today announced that it’s permanently cutting the price of all of its smartphones, the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X will now be available for purchase at discounted rates. All three devices have been available for quite some time now and they’re receiving this price cut as the company gears up to launch its next flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3.

OnePlus One To Get Cyanogen OS 13 Tomorrow
As you might have heard, yesterday OnePlus’ Carl Pei stated that the Marshmallow update for the OnePlus was in the final stages of testing. We weren’t sure what that meant as it could be days or weeks before it would be ready to be released. However the good news is that OnePlus One users won’t have to wait too long.


OnePlus One Marshmallow Testing In Final Stage
According to a report from last year, OnePlus had initially promised that they would roll out the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to the OnePlus One in the first quarter of 2016. Unfortunately we are currently in April meaning that OnePlus has missed the first quarter promise, however the good news is that we might not have to wait much longer.

OnePlus Shares Its Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Schedule
If you have bought any of OnePlus’ handsets like the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, or the OnePlus X, you’ll realize that they are still running on the previous version of Android, or at least they are running on ROMs that are based on the previous Android build which is Lollipop. So the question is when will they be upgraded to Marshmallow?For those who are curious and eager for the latest […]

Unofficial Android 6.0 Released For OnePlus One
If you have the OnePlus One handset and you’re wondering when the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will be making its way to you, we suppose that’s anyone’s guess at the moment as to if and when the update will arrive. However if you’d rather not sit around and wait for the update, you might be interested in an unofficial one.Over in the OnePlus forums, one of the forum members has […]

OnePlus One Sold More Than 1.5 Million Units
OnePlus is a relatively new smartphone company that emerged on the scene last year with the OnePlus One. The device faced a massive demand and supply gap soon after it was launched, customers had a very hard time in getting their hands on one. Despite all of the difficulties that customers faced in purchasing a unit the OnePlus One has done quite well for itself,.

3,300mAh Battery Confirmed For OnePlus Two
Despite the fact that it has already said that its new smartphone will be unveiled on July 27th OnePlus is continuing with its habit of revealing one spec almost every week to ensure that it remains a part of news cycles. The company did this last year as well when it was launching its first handset. As we wait for the OnePlus One successor to launch, OnePlus has confirmed that the […]

New OnePlus One Units Come With Screen Protectors Applied
Imagine you buy what you think is a new phone, only to open it and discover that someone has already stuck a screen protector on for you. Your first thought might be that you could have gotten yourself a refurbished unit, meaning that you might just have been ripped off. This could lead to you feeling angry especially if you bought it directly from the company.This is apparently the confusion […]

Purported OnePlus 2 Images Leaked
There is a lot of anticipation these days for the OnePlus 2, the second smartphone of this up and coming smartphone manufacturer. There’s no shortage of leaks and rumors about this handset and today we have yet another leak which shows us a couple of purported pictures of the next OnePlus handset, since there’s no confirmation as yet from the company about their authenticity I suggest that you take them with […]

OnePlus 2 Display Might Come In At 5.7 Inches
OnePlus has already confirmed when it’s going to unveil its new smartphone but until that happens we can expect to hear rumors and see leaks related to the OnePlus 2. A couple of features of the handsets have already been confirmed by the company but it has been mum on the display, a Weibo user has posted what appears to be a sketch of the handset, claiming that it may have […]

OnePlus One Available On Flipkart In India
Customers in India who have been looking forward to purchase the OneOne Plus can now do so from Flipkart, initially the company had an exclusivity deal with Amazon which is why it wasn’t available officially through any other online retail. With the exclusivity ending Flipkart is able to sell the device and it’s offer the OnePlus One for a bit cheaper than what Amazon has it for. However the discounted pricing […]

OnePlus One Gets Update That Fixes The Touchscreen
Last month OnePlus One owners reported that they were having some issue with the touchscreen of their handset. OnePlus issued an update shortly after but the update was not perfect as testing by users found that while it might have addressed the problem, it led to unnecessary and excessive battery drain.Well the good news is that if you have a OnePlus One handset and are affected by this issue, you […]