google_logoThe folks over at Google are certainly an extremely creative bunch – after all, some of their side projects have ended up as a main service in the company’s history, and who knows, Project Baseline, otherwise known as the Baseline Study, might be the next in line? Basically, Project Baseline works this way – it will collect anonymous genetic and molecular information. I am quite sure there will be privacy concerns on the level of anonymity offered though, but from what we have gathered, the first test bed will be a small sample that comprises of merely 175 people. Eventually, this sample will grow to reach thousands of people, with one simple goal in mind – to show off just what a healthy human ought to be.


Molecular biologist Dr. Andrew Conrad will be heading Project Baseline, and he has already gotten his own team of “Avengers”, so to speak, where a bunch of approximately 100 people with different fields of expertise such as physiology, biochemistry, optics, and imaging will check out the massive amounts of data collected to help the medical community detect and treat major health problems in the future.

Google has ventured into the health industry before, such as working on a smart contact lens that is capable of gathering glucose data on a non-stop basis. Needless to say, over time when the sample of people grows, new trends can be hunted down and singled out thanks to the amount of computing capacity that is at Google’s disposal. Such ability will help Google locate “biomarkers” that in the future, could prevent major health problems in individuals from actually developing, hence the “prevention is better than cure” maxim.

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