songza-googleGoogle has just picked up Songza, a startup that deals with music streaming. Here is a quick recap on what Songza is all about – this music streaming service will be able to create music mixes that are based upon a range of themes and factors, where it takes into consideration your mood as well as perhaps the local weather forecast, even. These mixes hail from a mixture of human possibilities as well as algorithms, which eventually, makes it look more and more like the Beats Music $3 billion purchase by Apple. There were earlier rumors going around that Google would acquire Songza for $15 million thereabouts. You will be able to check out Songza’s full statement right after the jump.


I’m thrilled to share some news that wouldn’t have been possible without the help you’ve given us over the years in telling the Songza story: Songza is joining Google! We can’t think of a more inspiring company to be part of in our quest to provide the perfect soundtrack for our users. No immediate changes to Songza are planned, other than making it faster, smarter, and even more fun to use.

It seems that there will be no immediate changes made to the streaming service right after the acquisition, although Songza’s technology could eventually come in handy for the Google Play All Access music service and the upcoming YouTube music service.

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