web vapshot mini stainless kitchenSome of us drink because we actually enjoy and can appreciate the taste of certain types of alcohol, like whisky, scotch, vodka, gin, and so on. Some of us like it neat, some of us prefer cocktails, and so on. However it seems that there some people out there who drink just to get a buzz going on, and that the actual process of drinking would slow down that process.

This has resulted in a pretty interesting invention called the Vapshot. Basically what the Vapshot does is that it vaporizes alcohol which can then be stored in a bottle. When the bottle is opened, the drinker (or inhaler?) sticks a straw in a sucks out the smoke, which apparently is a much faster way to feel the alcoholic buzz.

We have to say that it looks pretty cool and fun, although we’re not sure how effective it is. Now if you’re wondering about the safety of the Vapshot, the company claims that the machine is built with the highest quality materials and has been lab tested for vaporizing alcohol, and has kept it within acceptable levels which we guess means that it is safe for human consumption.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, the Vapshot is currently available for purchase. The Vapshot mini is priced at $699 for the white version, $899 for the stainless steel version, and if you wanted a more commercial-grade version, you can get that model for a whopping $3,999. The Vapshot serving bottles will also be sold at $9 each. If you’d like to learn more or see the Vapshot in action, check out the video below for the details.

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