fire-nexusThe Amazon Fire TV that rolled out in April earlier this year has proven itself to have enough staying power until now, where gaming happened to be one particular aspect that has been boasted of concerning the Fire TV before. In fact, Amazon even released an exclusive title that they titled Sev Zero, which functioned as a prime example of how gaming on the Fire TV could look like. Sev Zero brings together an amalgamation of the tower defense and action shooter genres. It seems that a 2 player mode will let Fire TV and Android gamers cultivate a work-play relationship from now on.

This is made possible thanks to the release of a companion app for the Kindle Fire HDX, where it will enable a two player co-op experience as the other player plays the role of a background supporter, making sure player one has adequate support from above the ground. This app is known as Sev Zero: Air Support, where one can now download it for Android tablets in Google Play.
Air Support would ensure that player two has a crucial role in helping player one achieve victory, where one can deliver attacks in the form of bombs and missiles, not to mention provide ground troops with superior alien-slaying attacks. along the way.

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