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Amazon Debuts Their Next-Gen Fire TV Cube
If you’re in the market for a new TV box, then you might be interested to learn that Amazon has recently taken the wraps off their latest Fire TV Cube device. While the overall design of the new Fire TV Cube is essentially the same as its predecessor, it’s under the hood where Amazon has made the improvements.

YouTube Will Finally Return To Amazon Fire TV Devices
The long-running standoff between Google and Amazon has finally ended as both companies announced a compromise this morning. As part of the compromise, YouTube will once again be available on Amazon’s Fire TV devices whereas the Amazon Prime Video app will receive Chromecast support and will also be more widely available on Android TV>

Amazon Fire TV Picks Up Support For Apple Music
Apple Music has gradually been making its way to more platforms. Amazon’s Echo speakers picked up support for the music streaming service in December last year, allowing users to stream music from the service on-demand. It’s now possible for Amazon Fire TV users to do the same.

Amazon Fire TV Has Over 30 Million Users
It’s no secret that Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices are popular, but just how popular? If the latest figures from Amazon are anything to go by, these streaming devices might be in a league of their own. Amazon has said that Fire TV has 30 million active users. It’s ahead of Roku which estimated earlier this week that it has 27 million active users.


Amazon Teases Upcoming ‘Fire TV Cube’ On Its Website
Last year it was rumored that Amazon had more Fire TV devices in the works and now thanks to the folks at AFTVNews, it looks like one of them might have been revealed in the form of the Amazon Fire TV Cube. This information was discovered on Amazon’s email subscription page where users were greeted by a splash page that revealed the existence of the device.

Firefox For Amazon Fire TV Released
Amazon Fire TV users will now be able to browse the internet with Firefox. Mozilla today confirmed that Firefox for Amazon Fire TV has been released. It joins Amazon’s own Silk browser on these devices to enable users to browse the internet. Firefox and Silk browsers have now been released on all Fire TV devices in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Google Pulls YouTube From Echo Show And Fire TV (Again)
Google seems to have this on-again-off-again relationship with Amazon. You might recall that back in September, Google cut access to YouTube on the Echo Show, but a couple of months later they brought it back. However it looks like Google has had a change of heart (again) because YouTube access on the Echo Show and Fire TV has been pulled.

Amazon Releases Silk Browser For Fire TV
Amazon has released its Silk web browser for its Fire TV devices. Using a web browser on a TV isn’t really that intuitive or fun but if you’ve always wanted the ability to browse the web on your Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes, sticks, and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, now you can. Amazon’s Silk web browser is rolling out for the aforementioned devices starting today.

Amazon Starts Selling Their Kindles & Fire TVs At Whole Foods
Having built their business around a digital storefront that can deliver pretty much all over the world, it seems that Amazon is clearly interested in being able to sell its products in person as well. We’ve seen the company launch physical bookstores where customers can buy books and other Amazon products like Kindles, and now they’re bringing that business model to Whole Foods.

Amazon Announces The Fire TV Stick Basic Edition
Last year Amazon launched a new Fire TV Stick that came with a remote control with Alexa built into it, leveraging the company’s highly-successful digital voice assistant. Its availability at the time of launch was limited, but the good news is that if you weren’t part of the initial launch markets, Amazon will be expanding on it.

Amazon Fire TV With 4K And HDR Support Launched
After what felt like forever, Apple finally launched a new Apple TV that could support 4K and HDR content. However it looks like Amazon does not plan on resting on their laurels because the company has recently taken the wraps off their new Fire TV which also and unsurprisingly comes with support for both 4K and HDR content.

Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Expected For Release In 2017
Apple is expected to introduce a new 4K Apple TV this coming Tuesday, and if you are looking for set top box that supports 4K and you’re not really a fan of the Apple TV, you might be in luck because it looks like Amazon could have something for you as well. This is according to a report from AFTVNews (via iMore) who claims that Amazon has two new Fire […]

Amazon Fire TV OS Expands To Seiki, Westinghouse, And Element 4K TVs
Amazon’s Fire TV platform has so far been limited to the company’s own set-top boxes and dongles but it has now inked a licensing agreement that puts Fire TV OS on actual TVs made by other companies. It has signed a licensing agreement with Tongfang, the parent company of Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element which will see the Amazon’s smart TV platform running on TVs launched under those brands.

Amazon Will Soon Release Refreshed Fire TV Interface
Amazon’s new Fire TV stick has started shipping and users are now waiting for it to release the biggest update to the Fire TV user interface ever since it was launched back in 2013. Amazon has described the new user interface as a “cinematic experience” as it will be able to show screenshots and trailers without requiring users to jump back and forth between applications. The new interface is going […]

Twitter Launches Live Streaming App For Apple TV, Fire TV, And Xbox One
Twitter today announced that it’s launching a new app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox One. The app focuses on providing live streaming video to these devices which are normally hooked up to the biggest screen in the house. These free apps will provide users with access to all of the live streaming video content that’s available on Twitter, and there’s quite a bit of it now.

Amazon Fire TV Gets Alexa Voice Commands And More Soon
Amazon will soon release an update for the Fire TV set-top box that’s going to bring a string of new features to the device. Features that will arrive with this update include Alexa voice commands, which will make it very easy to do tasks like launching apps and starting videos, aside from a handful of other features.

Amazon Fire TV Update Gets More Than Just Alexa
Earlier today, we did bring you word on how the original Fire TV from Amazon would be on the receiving end of the Alexa assistant (which is available on the 4K Fire TV, but won’t be extensible as it is on the Amazon Echo), and while that is fine and dandy, this does not mean that that is all there is to it in the update. No sir, for the […]

Amazon's Alexa Assistant Arrives On Original Fire TV
If you pick up a brand new 4K Fire TV from Amazon you’re going to get access to its Alexa personal digital assistant as well. It’s not as extensible as it is on the Amazon Echo but it does allow the user to get information about weather, traffic, sports as well as music and audiobooks through Alexa. Amazon has released a software update today which brings Alexa to the original […]

It's Now Possible To Shop On Amazon Via The Fire TV
A set-top box seems like the perfect device for indulging in a bit of shopping, think about it, you’re comfy on the couch and going through a list of products that might appeal to you. If it’s easy to place an order you very well might go ahead and place an order. I’ve often wondered when Amazon hasn’t done that yet with its own set-top box, the Fire TV, and […]

Amazon's New Fire TV Stick Is More Powerful And Comes With A Voice Remote
Amazon has announced a bunch of new hardware today like it was expected to do, including but not limited to an all new Fire TV set-top box, and before you ask the company has not forgotten about the Fire TV Stick. Amazon claims that this is the company’s fastest selling device. The streaming media stick has been updated and it’s now more powerful than ever before and also comes with a voice […]