It does look as though the mobile business aspect of Apple is doing rather well for itself this year, where the iPhone 5s has managed to maintain its best-selling smartphone position all the way until May, and yet continued to see a jump happen in its sales just last month. In fact, as you can see through Tim Cook’s tweet above, Apple has seen yet another revenue that broke records in July where its App Store sales are concerned.

Needless to say, there is nothing much else that were revealed by Apple since they tend to remain secretive concerning the exact revenue numbers and customer downloads. Just to make sure that one will be able to get a clearer picture, the previous month’s Q3 report pointed out that the App Store actually forked out a whopping $20 billion to app developers ever since it was rolled out half a dozen years ago, and close to $10 billion was paid in the last 12 months alone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook also did mention that iTunes happens to be Apple’s fastest growing business, with much of the bouquets directed in the direction of the App Store. Whatever it is, if Tim Cook’s happy, everyone at Apple ought to be happy.

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