blind-legend-gameWhen we talk about video games, most, nay, all of the time it would be sighted people who get to enjoy all of the sights and of course, the sounds. The visually impaired? They do not have the chance to play Mario, and even if they did, how are they going to check it out and avoid all the Goombas? As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way, and here is a video-less 3D game that was developed for blind players.

The concept is currently being adopted by a growing number of games designers, in order to expand the gaming industry so that it can be more inclusive and accessible to the blind and visually impaired people. What are “video-less” games? They make use of a production technique that is known as binaural recording, and that results in an immersive, audio-only world.

This particular technique would require outfitting a dummy with small condenser microphones. These microphones will mimic the way that our ears hear sound the natural way, and individual scenes in the game will be recorded using such a method, ending up with a more realistic, three-dimensional experience. This project raised over 40,000 euros in a crowdfunding project so that the demo can be turned into a functioning prototype.

Known as Blind Legend, the protagonist of the game is a knight who became blind, and now needs to journey through a forest in order to rescue his wife from her violent kidnappers.

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